How do I set up an account and why do I need one?

Tired of jumping between platforms? Your Tournkey account is the gateway to the new event experience.

The details collected in your account enable you to have the best event experience. It is the nature of most events to keep constant contact with participants ahead, during, and after events. As part of the Tournkey event experience, you'll be able to review all notifications in your app or update your communication preference to review messages in your preferred method. 
  1. Create an account - Once you've added a ticket or registration you'll be able to select 'Proceed to Cart'. If you're not already logged into Tournkey you will be prompted to do so. If you've already created an account for another event you can continue with your purchase by entering your email and password. (If you don't remember your password don't worry we got you covered).
    1. Step 1 - Select Register

    2. Step 2 - Enter Account Details i.e., Name, Contact Information
  2. Proceed to your cart to complete your transaction or continue shopping