Where do I sign contracts or waivers?

You're part of a team and you need to sign a waiver for an event or at the request of a coach

As a member of a team, you or your child may be required to sign a contract or waiver to participate in an event or join a team/organization.

We've designed a flexible waiver tool to support a broad range of uses and enabled access to those who have access to the athlete from their profile. 

  1. Wether you're a guardian or a player log in to our platform and navigate to your user profile.
  2. You will see a red notification dot if you have waivers/contracts pending for any player managed by your profile. Hover and click to proceed.
  3. On the list find the event you want to sign the waiver to and click on the icon under the column labelled waiver to activate the signature prompt.
  4. Check the box below the document to confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the document.
  5. Type the player name as it was created on the onboarding process into the name field and hit the submit button. 
  6. You're all done! The document will be received by the event or organization that created the document for signature.